Massage Wax TLC

Songbird Naturals massage wax open pots

Massage Wax TLC

Unopened Songbird Naturals products at room temperature have a shelf life of 2 years. Once opened, this is reduced by varying amounts depending on the way it is used. The beeswax and Vitamin E in our non-vegan blends has antibacterial properties, which stops the product going rancid too quickly, but it won’t protect it from all dirt and germs.

Here are our top tips for keeping your waxes and balms in tip-top condition, allowing them to last as long as possible:

1) Wash your hands – Because our products are completely natural and don’t contain preservatives, any dirty hands coming into contact with the product will reduce the shelf life.

2) Use a spatula – We recommend using a clean spatula to dispense what you need, then returning the tub to a cool place while you work. We sell wooden spatulas via our website.

3) Keep it cool – Leaving your wax or balm in a hot place, such as next to a heater or in a car in the sun, will reduce the shelf life and may cause it to melt and separate like butter. This can damage the product. We recommend keeping your product at a stable room temperature, below 23 degrees Celsius.

4) In extreme heat, use a fridge or freezer – If the room you store your wax or balm in gets very hot, or stays above 23 degrees Celsius for a prolonged period of time, you may find it helpful to keep it in the refrigerator in between uses. This isn’t necessary for most people, but can help extend the shelf life. In extreme heat, such as in very hot countries, our waxes and balms can be put in the freezer to stay firm before use. Because none of our products contain water, they’ll never fully freeze; meaning they can be spooned out of the tub before use.

5) Keep the lid on – Remember that small particles like dust and dirt can get into the wax if the lid is off. You may find it helpful to dispense what you need into a bowl or onto the back of your hand, then putting the lid back on the tub before starting the treatment.

By giving your waxes and balms a little TLC, you can ensure they stay fresh and effective treatment after treatment.

3 years ago