Fascial Fitness Second Edition

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Fully illustrated, easy-to-learn fascial exercises for improving mobility and flexibility, treating pain and enhancing sports performancea newly updated bestseller


In this second edition, fascia researcher and Rolfing therapist Dr. Robert Schleip offers readers a series of practical exercises for energetic, pain-free living—and shows how to train your fascia in just 10 minutes twice a week. You can do these exercises at home, squeeze them in between meetings and fit them into the existing fitness regimens.


Schleip shares up-to-date, scientifically backed findings from the world of fascia research, explaining which exercises and techniques are most effective and why—and which popular fascia workouts can actually do more harm than good. With special sections for athletes, seniors, injury recovery and more, Schleip reveals why fascial fitness is critical to our lifelong flexibility and health.


Physical therapists, sports therapists and doctors agree that if we want to stay fit, flexible, and pain free, we need to look after our connective tissue—our fascia. This book shows you how, explaining:


  • How fascia transfers energy to our muscles and communicates with the nervous system
  • The principles of fascia training, and how to identify your tissue type
  • The foundational role of fascia in our overall health and wellness
  • How to target soreness in problem areas like the back, neck, arms, hips and feet
  • Exercises for everyone from the office-bound computer user to athletes
  • Fascia training for improving gait; correcting poor posture; and speed, power and injury resilience
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