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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section is a very important part of the website. It allows us to provide answers to some of the questions that you would normally have to phone us to ask. It saves both of us time, and of course you can always go back to it at a later point and find out more information. We see the FAQ section as a section that will grow as more questions are asked and more answers found. This benefits all of us.  So...if there are any questions you don't find answers for here - please email us now and ask the question!  It will in all probability be added to the bank of answers. Conversely, if you have found out that one of the answers is not satisfactory for you, please let us know as well. In this way the FAQ section can remain useful, vibrant and up to date.

Q. What are the advantages of using a Massage Wax instead of an oil?

A. This question is dealt with in depth in the General Information section, which you will find here. General Information

Q. Which products in the range are safe for use during pregnancy?

A. The normal precautions need to be taken in any pregnancy massage. We suggest only the Unscented and Bee Balme for the second and most of the third trimester. Nearing the end of the third trimester, some therapists use Lavender and Rose. Bee Balme is used for both pre and post natal work and is particularly good for stretch marks when used consistently. You might like to look at some links on the issue here

Q. What is the shelf life of the Tui products?

A. The shelf life of the Tui products at room temperature, unopened, is 2 years. Once opened, this is reduced. Because Tui is a natural product, any dirty hands being dipped into the jar will reduce the shelf life. We suggest that a spatula is used to dispense what is needed, and then the jar returned to a cool place. This will give the maximum life to your product. If it is stored in a hot place, near a radiator for instance, the shelf life will reduce accordingly.

Q. Is there a batch number or expiry date?

A. Yes. Under each jar is a little sticker which gives the batch number for control purposes, and a 'Best Before' date. The expiry date is 2 years at room temperature from the date on the label.

Q. What is the difference between a Balme and a Massage Wax?

A. The Massage Waxes are designed for all over body massage; the Balmes are for use on specific areas of the body. As such they fulfil a function (ie cooling, in the case of Cooling and Soothing Balme [Inflammation Relief], or decongesting, in the case of Throat and Chest Balme [Cough and Cold Relief]).   They have a larger quantity of essential oils in the formula to bring out the necessary qualities of the balme.  Bee Balme is used for massage as well, especially for those with nut allergies as they don't contain Almond Oil. Balmes are typically 10% thicker in consistency than the Massage Waxes.

Q. What about those who are allergic to nuts?

A. Almond Oil is a part of the formula in all of the Massage Waxes, but nut allergic clients can safely be massaged with Bee Balme as it has no nut based oil in it. (See also the section on Allergenic Reactions in the General Information section.)

Q. Can you use the Massage Waxes for Reflexology?

A. Absolutely.  The Reflexology Wax was created because there was a demand for a 'minty' medium. There was also a request for a slightly thicker consistency. This is what the Reflexology Wax provides. Whilst the Reflexology Wax was taken on board enthusiastically by most Reflexologists, there are still many who prefer to use the Massage Waxes which they had been using from long before the Reflexology wax was created.

Q. Is the quantity of essential oil used in accordance with aromatherapeutic principles?

A. Yes. All our formulas and blends are created using all the quantity principles used in aromatherapy blends.

Q. Is Bug Balme safe to use with children?

A. Yes, it is perfectly safe. Be careful of getting it into the eyes, it may irritate  them. Bug Balme needs to be re-applied after swimming.

Q. Can Throat and Chest Balme be used on babies and young children?

A. Yes, but with caution as always. It will sting if it gets into the eyes, so all precautions should be taken to avoid this. When applying at night, rub it onto the chest and cover with pajamas. This ensures that they can't rub their hands in it and then touch their eyes. It's potency can be reduced by cutting it (mixing) it with either Bee Balme or Unscented Massage Wax. This is recommended with babies.

Q. What is the function of arnica in the formula?

A. The infused oil of Arnica is excellent for bruises, sprains and muscular aches, which is why we use it in the formula as extra help with the efficacy of the massage wax.

Q. Do the Tui products need to be kept in the fridge?

A. No, they don't. They can be stored quite comfortably at room temperature. If it gets very hot in the room in which it is stored it might help to refrigerate them, especially  if the room stays above 23 degrees for a prolonged period of time. In winter, store away from heating systems. There are therapists who keep the product in the fridge, take it out briefly, and dispense to a bowl. It will definitely keep longer that way and there is the extra benefit of no dust contamination. However, this is not the average practice - look after it, don't dispense with dirty hands and it will last a long time.

Q. What is the right method of application?

A. There is no 'right'  method of application. Generally speaking the Massage Waxes are created for all over body massage and the Balmes are created for use on specific body areas. In terms of massage, different therapists have their own methods. To prevent cross-contamination, we suggest that a spatula is used to move sufficient quantity for use to either a small bowl or the back of the hand, and work from there.  If extra glide is needed during the massage,  a drop or two of almond oil is useful. The more practised a therapist is at using the waxes, the more efficient they will become at judging the quantity needed.

In terms of balmes, the rule of thumb is that 'less used more often' is the best to remember in terms of application. If properly rubbed in there is no excess wastage.

Q. Which is the best product for helping with scar tissue?

A. Bee Balme is the best one to use as it is formulated especially for skin regeneration and nutrition. However, all our products will be of benefit because of their quality of conditioning and softening the skin.

Q. What is the difference between the Warming & Easing Balme and the Cooling & Soothing Balme?

A. Cooling and Soothing Balme ( formerly known as Inflammation Relief) is a cooling rub and contains about 10 times the arnica of our regular Massage Waxes. Like a Massage Wax, it can be used over wide areas of strained or bruised muscles. The ingredients create an 'ice-fire' effect on the areas where the muscles have been strained. It is commonly used by sports teams or anyone involved in bodywork after strenuous activity.

Warming and Easing Balme ( formerly known as Aches and Pain Balme) is a heat rub intended for application in small amounts where heat brings relief (especially in the joints), or where the blood flow needs to be stimulated through the muscles. Although some people find relief when applied over larger areas, others find it uncomfortable. A test patch is recommended, especially on those with sensitive skins. When covered, or used before bed, the body heat will intensify the heat created, as will a hot shower or bath afterwards. Again, some people find this extremely useful, others find it uncomfortable.

Q. Why don't I get a receipt in my parcel?

A. You have a receipt on your computer. 90% of people just throw the invoice away, and it's a terrible waste of paper. If for any reason you do need a receipt from us - even much later, we have electronic records and can supply it to you virtually immediately.