A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping

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A modern approach to the medical practice of dry cupping to reduce pain, encourage restoration of healthy movement and enhance physical rehabilitation practice. Cupping, a therapeutic practice using cups on the skin to create a vacuum and decompress underlying tissue, has long been used in Chinese medicine and other traditions as a regular part of holistic treatment. Today, physiotherapists—and sports medicine therapists—use cupping to loosen soft tissue, stimulate a vascular response, and prime the nervous system to reduce pain and enhance physical rehabilitation. A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping provides a concise, practical, and easy-to-understand guide to safe and effective cupping techniques, integrating up-to-date research on physiology, neuroscience, and biomechanics. Physiotherapist Daniel Lawrence—known for his popular cupping training courses in the UK—includes all the information a new practitioner will need to get started, including a basic history of cupping and theoretical overview; how to apply and remove cups, and how long to leave them on the skin; how to use oils and creams to assist “glide cupping” techniques, and more. Chapters detail specific cupping practices for different parts of the body and common ailments, including: • Lower back pain • Neck pain • Knee, hamstring, and quad pain • Achilles tendon and shin pain • Hip problems • Carpal tunnel and other wrist pain • Other common sports and overuse injuries Featuring full-colour photos throughout to clearly illustrate techniques, and video links for more detailed visual and audio instruction, A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping offers a complete and immersive learning experience. Daniel Lawrence is a British physiotherapist with a clinical background in both sport and general healthcare settings both within the national health service and private sector. Lawrence currently serves as European Director of Education for the popular RockTape brand. His YouTube channel “The Physio Channel” continues to serve as a great resource for therapists around the world.
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