wainui bay new zealand
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Celebrating 40 Years of New Zealand Roots

Happy 40th Birthday to Tui Balms!

Earlier this month, our sister company Tui Balms in New Zealand celebrated their 40th anniversary. Many of you may already be aware that Songbird Naturals actually grew out of Tui Balms at the Tui Community in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 

songbird naturals sustainability ethos
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Our Sustainability Ethos

Our sustainability ethos, and how we work to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

In a world increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change, we all have to be more mindful about adopting more sustainable practices. Songbird Naturals has been in business in the UK and Europe for around 25 years and, environmentally speaking, much has changed in this time.

spotlight on shea butter
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Spotlight on Shea Butter

A look at the benefits of natural shea butter, and how it can be used to soften, nourish and moisturise the skin.

A common ingredient in cosmetics – especially moisturisers – you will likely have seen shea butter listed as an ingredient in at least one of your cosmetic products at home. But have you ever considered why shea butter is such a popular choice in the cosmetics industry?

2023 Round-up
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2023 Round-up

Our top highlights of 2023 with a round-up of the last year at Songbird Naturals.

Now that we’ve entered a new year, we’ve been reflecting on all that 2023 brought us here at Songbird Naturals.

calming and relaxation massage waxes
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Staying Calm at Christmas

Some simple ways to help stay calm and promote your own wellbeing at Christmas.

As well as all of its joy and festivities, we know that the Christmas season can also be a significant time of stress for many, leaving us feeling tense, tired and depleted. 

natural remedies for congestion relief
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Natural Remedies for Congestion Relief

A look at natural remedies for congestion relief, which you can easily try at home.

Whether caused by a cold, flu, allergies, pollution, or just dry air, nasal congestion can interfere with breathing, interrupt your sleep, and make you feel miserable.

essential oils for sports massage
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Essential Oils for Sports Massage

Essential oils to enhance your sportsmassage treatment.

When working within sports therapy, you will likely face concerns such as sprains, strains, bruising, swelling, inflammation and cramp. Let’s take a look at which essential oils have been used traditionally to help soothe these common ailments. 

songbird naturals massage wax
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Choosing Wax by Grip

Our Grip Chart explained.

Ever wondered what’s the difference between our types of waxes? It’s all in the grip!

Our Lavender Oil of Choice
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Our Lavender Oil of Choice

What's our Lavender oil of choice? 

Lavender is one of the most enduring and widely used scents in use today. And there's a reason for that. It is uniquely pleasurable to the vast majority of people and it never seems to go out of fashion.

national pollinator week
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Celebrating National Pollinator Week

Supporting the unsung heroes of our ecosystem.

National Pollinator Week is an annual event during the last full week of June, which aims to raise awareness of the essential role of pollinators within the environment and address the challenges they face, such as habitat loss, climate change, pesticide use, and diseases.