Propolis: Uses and Benefits

A spotlight on the traditional uses and benefits of Propolis.

Increasingly referred to as ‘nature’s antibiotic’, propolis is a popular ingredient in topical and oral health care products, as well as natural cold and flu remedies.


St. John’s Wort Oil: Uses and Benefits

A spotlight on the traditional uses and benefits of St. John's Wort oil.

St. John’s Wort is well-known for its benefits in traditionally treating mood and emotional disorders, such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety. But what about its use and benefits when applied topically in skincare?

3 months ago

Is Sports Massage Just for Athletes?

A look at whether sports massage therapy is only relevant to sporting professionals.

It’s understandable to think of sports massage as being reserved for elite athletes, sporting professionals or serious amateurs. But can sports massage benefit everyone else, too?

4 months ago

Arnica Oil: Uses and Benefits

A spotlight on the traditional uses and benefits of arnica oil.

Arnica is perhaps best known for helping to soothe bruises, sprains and muscle pain, but it is also traditionally used to aid with inflammatory conditions of the skin (including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea), arthritic pain, poor circulation, migraines and hair loss.

5 months ago

Natural Remedies at Winter

Top tips for helping to soothe the effects of coughs and colds using gentle and natural methods.

Viruses are usually particularly rife in winter. When you’re suffering with a cold or flu, there’s no substitute for plenty of rest to give your body the time and space needed to recover. But when your airways are full of congestion, your skin is dry and chapped, and your muscles are tired and aching, it’s understandable to want immediate relief.

5 months ago

Vegan Liquiwaxes

We’ve added plant-based Liquiwaxes to our Vegan range.

Having manufactured our Vegan Massage and Reflexology Waxes for over two years now, we were delighted to launch our brand new Vegan Liquiwaxes this year.

6 months ago

Protect Your Waxes From the Heat

When temperatures rise, don’t forget to protect your waxes and balms from the heat!⠀

Leaving your wax in a hot place – whether that’s in a hot room, car, or next to a heater – will reduce the shelf life of the product and may cause it to melt and separate like butter.

11 months ago

Get The Most Out of Your Liquiwax!

Our top tips for getting every last drop out of your Liquiwax bottles.

To prevent any issues with getting the last bit of wax out of your bottle, it's important to take care over storing your Liquiwaxes properly.

1 year ago

Nature's Colour Palette

How the natural world gives our waxes and balms their beautiful colours.

We love to use natural ingredients because it allows our products to be a true representation of the powerful benefits that nature has to offer.

1 year ago

Introducing our New EcoTubs

Our next generation of EcoTubs has arrived!

Designed and produced especially for Songbird Naturals, these recyclable and biodegradable tubs are made from sturdy reinforced cardboard with a beautifully smooth finish.

1 year ago