Our Biodegradable, Recyclable and Compostable pots are truly a new idea in this industry. We have worked for a long time on this and only recently (because of new technology) has it become possible. We believe this is the start of something completely different in the massage world as far as packaging goes; an alternative to plastic pots, and this is just the beginning. It has to happen! We know that the technology is not perfect but hope that it is something which will continue to evolve and grow, both in our business and the general market, for the sake of the planet.

The EcoTub pots are a special hammered cardboard that holds its shape so that there is minimal seepage. When you are finished with the pot, it can be recycled with your cardboard waste or industrially composted with your green waste. It will biodegrade over a longer period of time if left to its own devices i.e. underground, but a small garden compost heap will not reach central temperatures high enough for the pots to degrade at the same rate as garden matter. It will degrade like a normal cardboard box.

The EcoTubs come in three sizes - 100g, 300g and 600g EcoTub.


A waxy line will sometimes appear on the spiggot (central core) – this is unusual, but normal, and means there is a very slight entry point on the spiggot for the wax to go into during the pouring stage. It's a feature of cardboard and is more often found on the Vegan EcoTubs, as the product matrix is 'looser'. It does not change the function of the wax at all.

We are proud of our contribution to the greening of the business and hope to move forward in this direction as part of our strategy into the future. We hope you feel that way too.