Our Biodegradable, Recyclable and Compostable refill pots are truly a new idea in this industry. We have worked for a long time on this and only recently (because of new technology) has it become possible. We believe this is the start of something completely different in the massage world as far as packaging goes; an alternative to plastic pots, and this is just the beginning. It has to happen! We know that the technology is not perfect but hope that it is something which will continue to evolve and grow, both in our business and the general market, for the sake of the planet.

The refill pots are cardboard, but are lined with polylactic acid polymer, or in layman’s terms – a corn starch based ‘plastic’, so that the cardboard holds its shape and so that there is minimal seepage, even when it is filled with hot product. When you are finished with the pot, it can be recycled with your cardboard waste or industrially composted with your green waste. It will biodegrade over a longer period of time if left to its own devices i.e. underground, but a small garden compost heap will not reach central temperatures high enough for the pots to degrade at the same rate as garden matter.

It can be used in a variety of ways: CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR VIDEO GUIDE!

The two new sizes fit into existing plastic pots, the 200g into the 350g, and the 400g into the 550g. They fit neatly into their corresponding size tub – so as soon as it arrives, take off the lid and simply pop it into your empty 350g or 550g tub and use straight from the refill. The plastic lid will screw back on and hold it in place. You can then re-use your plastic pot as many times as you want. When the refill is finished, recycle or green compost and get a new one!

Or you can simply use the eco-tub itself and dispense with any plastics. This is the greenest possible way to do it, and from it arriving in our boxes with corn starch packaging, cardboard tape and cardboard box to the final ready to use product– there is no plastic at all. However, this method will create waxy spots on your tub when it is used with massage wax hands! This can of course be minimised by the use of a spatula.

A third method is simply to decant from the refill into your pre-cleaned 350g or 550g tub and recycle the refill pot. This also requires a fair amount of skill to avoid messiness, but it can certainly be done! Remember the refills are 200g and 400g and won’t fill the tub completely although it will be close as it won’t be pre-set.

Whichever way you choose to use it, you still get the same top-grade Songbird Massage Wax!


A waxy line will appear on the seam – this is normal.

Occasionally there will be a waxy spot when your tub arrives – this is normal and won’t feel greasy.

Over a period of months the oil/wax will slowly penetrate the sides. It is very slight, not greasy and is normal. Once the tub is close to its Best By Date (1 year), the tub will be a bit darker because of this, but still not greasy. The product will still be fine.

We are proud of our contribution to the greening of the business and hope to move forward in this direction as part of our strategy into the future. We hope you feel that way too.