Welcome to the EU Orders page!


 We currently have 9 resellers in various locations across the European Union and we will be adding more as time goes by. These resellers vary in the number of Songbird products that they provide on their websites.

The nature of the EU means that it’s your choice as to where to buy. You can purchase from any of these sources, regardless of the country they are based in.


As an EU customer, you can buy directly from us if you prefer. However, please be aware of the following issues:

1.You will not be charged VAT by us, but this will be collected from you on your side of the border. There will be a charge for doing this, levied by the courier/post office, usually in the region of €25 to €30 per order (on top of the VAT).

2. Although we are following all of the required legislation, some countries in the EU are occasionally not allowing our products through.

3. Local EU postage will generally be cheaper than international post from the UK.

These issues will not affect you if you order through a local reseller in the EU.


You can order either by clicking on the interactive map below, which will take you to a reseller near you, or scroll down past the map where you will find hyperlinks to your local reseller and a little bit about each one of them.



Resellers Who Carry the Full Range of Songbird Products


Country Company About Website


 Fascia Shop  Fascia Shop, based in the Netherlands and run by Joris and David, have been working together with us for a number of years. They have a full range of our products for the Benelux market and into the EU market. www.fasciashop.nl






The German market is supplied by Fascia Shop and Songbird from within the EU. They carry the full range of Songbird products.  www.songbirdmassagewachs.de



Resellers Who Carry a Limited Range of Songbird Products


Country Company About Website



Novakari are a general sales website and carry a representative selection of our products for the Finnish and Swedish market. They stock our Sports orientated massage products, as well as some for Reflexology and Holistic/Spa use.



Sjoan carry a good representative range of Songbird products, primarily in the 100g and 550g sizes, representing a Sports angle as well as covering Holistic Massage blends.



(Supplying both Southern and Northern Ireland)





There are currently three resellers based in Ireland: Vivomed, First Person Medical, and Scott Medical. They each service the whole of the island of Ireland.
They have a good representative range of Songbird products and ship throughout the EU.








AlfaCare, a Sports-based company based in Norway, sell a tight range of our Sports products primarily in the 100g size. Always fully stocked, the key products are represented here. AlfaCare also sell into Sweden and Denmark via their local websites.

www.alfacare.no (Norway)


www.alfacare.se (Sweden)


www.alfacare.dk (Denmark)



Acus Med carry a small range of Songbird products for the Polish and Eastern/South-Eastern European market, with a full range of Liquiwaxes represented. Being a Physiotherapy orientated site, the Fascial Release range is also well represented.



DCG Nordic are based in Sweden and specialise in natural products for holistic health and bodycare. They sell a limited range of our Massage Waxes, geared towards the sports market.