Natural Ingredients Assurance

Visiting Lavender suppliers, Provence

 We define what we mean by natural as follows:

  • All ingredients used in our products are either whole substances occurring in nature or they are directly extracted from a whole, natural source.
  • No fakes, 'parfums' or 'natural identicals' are used under any circumstances.
  • No artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilisers or chemical additives are used.

No Genetic Engineering

We make every effort to ensure that all ingredients used in our products are free of genetic engineering. This doesn't simply mean accepting bland assurances from raw material suppliers that there is no GE material in the goods they supply. It means that we require certification from suppliers that their goods are also accessed from GE free source material.

We don't support genetic engineering in food and agricultural crops so we don't buy from suppliers who tacitly support genetic engineering in any way.

No Animal Testing

Songbird Naturals (UK) and Tui Balms (New Zealand) have never tested products on animals or commissioned tests on animals and never will. Further, we do not buy products tested on animals.

In the UK, our products are all certified EU 1223/2009 and are IFRA compliant, and one of the stipulations is that there is no testing on animals.

We are proud of this position because the cruel treatment of animals is easily overlooked. In this business, the first guinea pigs in line for product testing are our staff.  And actually, the policy comes easily to us because of the relatively simple nature of our products and the well-established use of traditional ingredients.