The Pocket Atlas of Trigger Points

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A simple, go-to guide to treating chronic pain with trigger point therapy for physical therapists, bodyworkers, and patients. 
From the bestselling author of The Concise Book of Trigger Points.

This pocket-sized guide covers practical information about the trigger points—the painful knots that can form in tissues like muscles and fascia—that are central to addressing acute and chronic pain with massage, bodywork, and physical therapy. Full-colour illustrations and charts help practitioners, students, and patients identify trigger points and address referred pain patterns with ease.

The first chapter introduces relevant information on fascia and myofascial meridians and provides an overview of trigger point symptoms, classification, and formation. Subsequent chapters are organised by muscle group and feature concise—yet comprehensive—sections on each of the main skeletal muscles and their trigger points. Common conditions, such as headaches and back pain, are explored for all of the muscle groups, including the muscles of the:

  • Face, head, and neck
  • Trunk and spine
  • Shoulder and arm
  • Forearm and hand
  • Hip and thigh
  • Leg and foot

Written in clear, accessible language, this essential guide offers a wealth of knowledge to the lay reader, the student, or the practitioner.

Simeon Niel-Asher, B. Phil., B.Sc., (Ost.), qualified as an osteopath in 1992, and uses trigger point therapy in his everyday work. He is the inventor of the Niel-Asher Technique™ for treating frozen shoulder syndrome, as well as being the creator and co-founder of the triggerpoints3D app. He is involved in treating, research, writing, and teaching throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the USA. 

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