songbird naturals sustainability ethos
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Our Sustainability Ethos

Our sustainability ethos, and how we work to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

In a world increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change, we all have to be more mindful about adopting more sustainable practices. Songbird Naturals has been in business in the UK and Europe for around 25 years and, environmentally speaking, much has changed in this time.

Songbird Naturals 300g EcoTubs
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New 300g EcoTubs

Introducing our new 300g EcoTubs!

Following the success of our 100g EcoTubs, we’ve expanded our second-generation EcoTub range to include a 300g size, available across our entire range of waxes and balms.

Songbird Naturals Liquiwax Bottles
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Get The Most Out of Your Liquiwax!

Our top tips for getting every last drop out of your Liquiwax bottles.

To prevent any issues with getting the last bit of wax out of your bottle, it's important to take care over storing your Liquiwaxes properly.

Songbird Naturals EcoTubs
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Introducing our New EcoTubs

Our next generation of EcoTubs has arrived!

Designed and produced especially for Songbird Naturals, these recyclable and biodegradable tubs are made from sturdy reinforced cardboard with a beautifully smooth finish.

Songbird Naturals Women's Blend Massage Wax makeover
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Women’s Blend Gets a Makeover

Our popular Women’s Blend range is having a makeover.

It’s been a firm-favourite over the years, but we feel it’s now time to move away from such a gender-specific name.

Songbird Naturals Liquiwax in recyclable bottles
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Recycling your Liquiwax Bottles

Did you know our Liquiwax bottles are recyclable?

They could come back as a pen, flower pot, or even a picnic bench!

Songbird Naturals Waxes and Balms in eco-friendly 20g glass jars
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Launching our Glass Range

Our 20g pots get a sustainable makeover.

As of November 2020, we are delighted to be replacing our 20g plastic pots with beautiful glass jars for our entire range of waxes and balms.

Songbird Naturals eco-friendly packaging
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Packaging Promises

Delivering our products without the waste.

At Songbird Naturals, we believe that true beauty is showing that you actually care for the world and what your packaging will do to it. It has been our mission to deliver our products to you in a way that limits the strain on our planet as much as possible.

Songbird Naturals massage wax ecotubs plastic-free packaging
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Saying goodbye to plastic.

In 2018, we were delighted to launch a brand new style of packaging to Songbird Naturals that has proved to have had a huge impact on our waste contribution.

Our Ecotubs are a brand new take on sustainable packaging within the massage industry. These cardboard pots are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable, and allow our customers and ourselves to substantially reduce plastic waste.