calming and relaxation massage waxes
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Staying Calm at Christmas

Some simple ways to help stay calm and promote your own wellbeing at Christmas.

As well as all of its joy and festivities, we know that the Christmas season can also be a significant time of stress for many, leaving us feeling tense, tired and depleted. 

natural remedies for congestion relief
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Natural Remedies for Congestion Relief

A look at natural remedies for congestion relief, which you can easily try at home.

Whether caused by a cold, flu, allergies, pollution, or just dry air, nasal congestion can interfere with breathing, interrupt your sleep, and make you feel miserable.

essential oils for winter
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Essential Oils for Winter

Our pick of the best essential oils to have on hand at winter.

Whether you’re in need of symptom-relief from winter coughs and colds, or you’re looking to ease muscular aches caused by the cold weather, or you simply want to create a cosy feel in your home, a good selection of essential oils is great to have in your arsenal at winter.

top 10 calming essential oils
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Top 10 Calming Essential Oils

A roundup of some of the most popular essential oils used for their calming effects. 

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their effects on the mind and body. One of the most well-known uses of aromatherapy is to ease stress, aid relaxation and promote feelings of calm.

the uses and benefits of propolis
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Propolis: Uses and Benefits

A spotlight on the traditional uses and benefits of Propolis.

Increasingly referred to as ‘nature’s antibiotic’, propolis is a popular ingredient in topical and oral health care products, as well as natural cold and flu remedies.

the uses and benefits of St. John's Wort oil
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St. John’s Wort Oil: Uses and Benefits

A spotlight on the traditional uses and benefits of St. John's Wort oil.

St. John’s Wort is well-known for its benefits in traditionally treating mood and emotional disorders, such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety. But what about its use and benefits when applied topically in skincare?

Is sports massage just for athletes?
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Is Sports Massage Just for Athletes?

A look at whether sports massage therapy is only relevant to sporting professionals.

It’s understandable to think of sports massage as being reserved for elite athletes, sporting professionals or serious amateurs. But can sports massage benefit everyone else, too?

the uses and benefits of arnica oil
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Arnica Oil: Uses and Benefits

A spotlight on the traditional uses and benefits of arnica oil.

Arnica is perhaps best known for helping to soothe bruises, sprains and muscle pain, but it is also traditionally used to aid with inflammatory conditions of the skin (including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea), arthritic pain, poor circulation, migraines and hair loss.

natural remedies for cold and flu symptoms
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Natural Remedies at Winter

Top tips for helping to soothe the effects of coughs and colds using gentle and natural methods.

Viruses are usually particularly rife in winter. When you’re suffering with a cold or flu, there’s no substitute for plenty of rest to give your body the time and space needed to recover. But when your airways are full of congestion, your skin is dry and chapped, and your muscles are tired and aching, it’s understandable to want immediate relief.

self-massaging the feet
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A Guide to Self-Massage

What is self-massage, how is it done and who should do it?

Self-massage is exactly as it sounds: you massaging your own body. It can be an extremely beneficial way to make yourself feel better, both physically and mentally.