Reflexology Wax

songbird naturals massage wax
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Choosing Wax by Grip

Our Grip Chart explained.

Ever wondered what’s the difference between our types of waxes? It’s all in the grip!

the wonders of beeswax
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The Wonders of Beeswax

A spotlight on the uses and benefits of beeswax.

Beeswax is a remarkable, all-natural wax substance that has been utilised for thousands of years. It also happens to be one of the ingredients we use most of all here at Songbird Naturals, and we have a genuine love and appreciation for this humble ingredient from mother nature.

Songbird Naturals Vegan Liquiwaxes
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Vegan Liquiwaxes

We’ve added plant-based Liquiwaxes to our Vegan range.

Having manufactured our Vegan Massage and Reflexology Waxes for over two years now, we were delighted to launch our brand new Vegan Liquiwaxes this year.

Songbird Naturals Vegan Massage Wax melted
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Protect Your Waxes From the Heat

When temperatures rise, don’t forget to protect your waxes and balms from the heat!⠀

Leaving your wax in a hot place – whether that’s in a hot room, car, or next to a heater – will reduce the shelf life of the product and may cause it to melt and separate like butter.

Songbird Naturals Liquiwax Bottles
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Get The Most Out of Your Liquiwax!

Our top tips for getting every last drop out of your Liquiwax bottles.

To prevent any issues with getting the last bit of wax out of your bottle, it's important to take care over storing your Liquiwaxes properly.

Songbird Naturals all-natural massage and reflexology waxes
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Nature's Colour Palette

How the natural world gives our waxes and balms their beautiful colours.

We love to use natural ingredients because it allows our products to be a true representation of the powerful benefits that nature has to offer.

Songbird Naturals Women's Blend Massage Wax makeover
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Women’s Blend Gets a Makeover

Our popular Women’s Blend range is having a makeover.

It’s been a firm-favourite over the years, but we feel it’s now time to move away from such a gender-specific name.

Songbird Naturals Liquiwax in recyclable bottles
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Recycling your Liquiwax Bottles

Did you know our Liquiwax bottles are recyclable?

They could come back as a pen, flower pot, or even a picnic bench!

Songbird Naturals Waxes and Balms in eco-friendly 20g glass jars
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Launching our Glass Range

Our 20g pots get a sustainable makeover.

As of November 2020, we are delighted to be replacing our 20g plastic pots with beautiful glass jars for our entire range of waxes and balms.

Songbird Naturals vegan massage and reflexology waxes
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Vegan Waxes

A new era of plant-based alternatives at Songbird Naturals.

We love beeswax at Songbird Naturals. However, we recognise that more and more people are seeking plant-based alternatives to the products they use, and we want our waxes to be something everyone can enjoy using.