Get The Most Out of Your Liquiwax!

Songbird Naturals Liquiwax Bottles
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Get The Most Out of Your Liquiwax!

Since the emergence of Covid-19 and the resultant heightened awareness of good hygiene practices, we've seen a significant rise in sales of our Liquiwaxes. Many customers tell us they prefer the idea of a pump applicator to keep things clean and hygienic. It's worth remembering that our regular waxes and balms are no less hygienic, as long as they're looked after properly and used with clean hands. However, for those who have tried our Liquiwaxes for the first time, we hope you’ve enjoyed them.

The pump applicator on our Liquiwax bottles provides quick and clean dispensing. However, some therapists find it can sometimes get a little tricky to get the last few pumps of wax out of the bottle. Fortunately, fixing this issue is easy. So, without further ado, here are our top tips for getting every last drop out of your Liquiwax bottles…


Preventing Pumping Problems

To prevent any issues with getting the last bit of wax out of your bottle, it's important to take care over storing your Liquiwaxes properly. Liquiwaxes shouldn't be stored in the cold, as the wax will begin to firm up and be difficult to get out of the bottle. There's no need to store them by heaters (this may spoil the wax). Instead, just make sure they're left in a room or cupboard that doesn't get cold.


If Your Wax Won’t Come Out:

If you're having trouble getting the Liquiwax out of the pump, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Gently warm up the wax. If the Liquiwax is cold, it’ll be too firm to come out of the pump. You can warm it up by placing the bottle in a warm room for a few hours, or by submerging the base of the bottle in warm (but not hot) water for a few minutes. Alternatively, unscrew the lid and give the bottle a good rub between your hands until the wax is more viscous.
  • Shake out any air pockets. As is common with bottles containing lotions or creams, a little air pocket can form in the wax at the bottom of the bottle, which can stop the wax from being pumped out. To fix this, simply take off the pump top, cover your hand over the bottle's opening, and give it a good shake and a squeeze to redistribute the wax. When you put the pump top back on, you should find the wax starts flowing again.
  • Check the inner straw. Sometimes, it's worth checking to see if the inner straw is firmly connected to the pump top. If it isn't, the pump will simply suck up air instead of the wax. The straw should be easy to slot back into the pump top if this happens.


If you have a problem with your pump and the above solutions don't work for you, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team so we can help you.