Nature's Colour Palette

Songbird Naturals all-natural massage and reflexology waxes

Nature's Colour Palette

At Songbird Naturals, we’re committed to only using all-natural ingredients in our products (hence our tagline ‘Altogether Natural!’) We believe using natural ingredients is better for both human health and the health of the planet. But another reason we love to use natural ingredients is because it allows our products to be a true representation of the powerful benefits that nature has to offer.


It’s the natural oils in our waxes that give them not only their delicious scents, but also their colours. Our Unscented Massage Wax is a very pale straw colour. But add to that some Lemon and Calendula oils – as with our Sports Massage Wax –  and it turns slightly more yellow. Or add in some Orange and Mandarin oils and you get the pale orange colour of our Orange Spice Massage Wax. Our Warming and Easing Balm has beautiful soft reddish tones thanks to the warming Capsicum oil.



Our Cooling and Soothing Balm is the most visually striking of all our waxes with its magnificent bright blue colour. You would be forgiven for thinking the colour of this wax is artificial; after all, many blue coloured sweets and confectionary contain artificial colours. However, the blue in this wax is 100% natural. The colour comes from Yarrow oil (a flowering perennial plant), which is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties.


One of the exciting things about using all-natural ingredients is that, just like in nature, each batch can be ever so slightly different. Sometimes the difference is imperceptible, and other times it’s very noticeable. In April 2021, our Cooling and Soothing Balm lost its blue colour almost entirely. This was due to a variation in colour of the latest batch of Yarrow oil. The growing season and subsequent distillation process resulted in a very pale blue Yarrow oil, which meant our Cooling and Soothing Balm didn’t have its usual striking appearance.


In an opposite scenario, back in 2018, a particularly vibrant batch of Olive oil resulted in a number of our waxes having a slightly unusual green tint to them.


Colour variations are completely normal for products containing all-natural ingredients. Making every batch look identical would require significant processing, which isn’t our style. We much prefer our products to celebrate the diversity of the natural world. Our waxes may look slightly different from each other at times, but their quality and effectiveness remain exactly the same. After all, beauty comes from within.

1 year ago