Protect Your Waxes From the Heat

Songbird Naturals Vegan Massage Wax melted

Protect Your Waxes From the Heat

When temperatures rise, don’t forget to protect your waxes and balms from the heat!⠀

Leaving your wax in a hot place – whether that’s in a hot room, car, or next to a heater – will reduce the shelf life of the product and may cause it to melt and separate like butter. We recommend storing your waxes somewhere where the temperature won’t dramatically fluctuate throughout the day. Below 23°C is best.

Vegan waxes can be a little more prone to melting in the heat than our original waxes, so it’s worth keeping an extra eye on them to check they’re not starting to get too soft or melt.

If the room you store your waxes in gets very hot, or stays above 23°C for a prolonged period of time, we suggest keeping your waxes in the refrigerator in between use. Likewise, if you notice that any of your waxes or balms are starting to melt, just pop them in the fridge for a few hours to firm up. This won’t affect the performance of the product. In extreme heat, such as in very hot countries, our waxes and balms can be put in the freezer to stay firm before use. Because none of our products contain water, they’ll never fully freeze; meaning they can be spooned out of the tub before use.⠀

As always, we recommend using a clean spatula to dispense your wax and keep the lid on the tub after dispensing. This will help keep your waxes fresh and hygienic after each treatment.

So remember to keep your waxes cool and clean, and you’ll have perfect waxes throughout the summer!

1 year ago