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Vegan Liquiwaxes

Having manufactured our Vegan Massage and Reflexology Waxes for over two years now, we were delighted to share our brand new Vegan Liquiwaxes in September of this year. Many of our customers prefer being able to use a pump dispenser, particularly since the pandemic, so it felt like the right time to introduce a plant-based alternative to our Liquiwaxes.


For those who are unfamiliar with our Liquiwaxes, they are a more viscous version of our classic Massage Wax. Somewhere between a lotion and a solid Massage Wax, they maintain a tight grip but have more ‘slip’ than our classic Massage Waxes. Upon application, Liquiwaxes allow for long, gliding strokes, ideal for bodywork. They’re an excellent choice for those looking for a pump dispenser method and a slightly stronger glide factor.

Whereas our non-vegan Liquiwaxes contain beeswax to give the product its desired grip, our Vegan Liquiwaxes get their grip from plant-based wax. As with our other vegan waxes, we've worked hard to get the consistency and grip-slip ratio of our Vegan Liquiwaxes as close as possible to the original version. Those who have used our Vegan Massage and Reflexology Waxes will be familiar with the vegan wax's tendency to feel a little 'looser' upon application, but it soon tightens up to give a comparable grip to our non-vegan waxes. If you haven't used our vegan products before, we suggest using sparingly to begin with, while you get a feel for the grip.


While we’re on the subject of trying out our Liquiwaxes, here’s a quick note on using the pump dispenser:

When you use a new bottle of Liquiwax, you need to 'prime' it before first use. To do this, unlock the pump by turning the nozzle to the left, then pump vigorously for up to 40 or so times. This draws up the wax and ‘loads’ the nozzle.

If you find that the pump stops dispensing wax before the bottle is empty, this may be due to an air pocket or vacuum at the bottom of the bottle. To fix this, unscrew and remove the top, give the bottle a squeeze and a shake to redistribute the wax, and then screw the lid back on before vigorously pumping to draw the wax back up.


We’re keen for our products to be suitable for as many people as possible, so we hope the addition of these Vegan Liquiwaxes makes finding the right wax for you or your client even easier.

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