Why Wax?

Songbird Naturals Massage Wax sample pots

Why Wax?

When it comes to massage treatments, there is ample choice on the market for massage mediums. Massage oils, lotions, creams, gels and powders are used with varying levels of control and smoothness. However, at Songbird Naturals, we have dedicated over 30 years to developing what we believe to be the ideal medium for massage - waxes.

At the centre of an excellent massage medium should be the control it gives the therapist. We believe the therapist should be able to dictate the grip during the treatment; not have the grip dictated by the product, as with slippery oils and lotions. And the therapist is in contact with the product more than anyone else, so we think it’s integral that they enjoy the feel of it just as much as the recipient.

Transforming massage oil into a wax involves an essential ingredient; as the name suggests, that’s wax! This is in the form of beeswax (for our original range), or vegetable waxes (for our vegan range). The wax enables the product to be semi-solid, which immediately melts onto the skin upon application. It provides the therapist with a working surface that delivers exemplary control of the muscle and smoothness of application. The slip and grip can be tailored to the individual by using more or less of the product; we recommend adding a little more wax on top of the area if you want more glide. For long, gliding strokes, we recommend our Massage Wax or Liquiwax, which offers a working surface somewhere stronger than an oil or a cream. They have a stronger glide factor, whilst maintaining a tight grip. For a significantly tighter grip, our Fascial Release Waxes are an excellent choice for myofascial release work. At the end of the scale (Grip 10) on our Grip Chart, is the recently released Fascial Release Wax: Super Grip, which provies a very strong grip, for those who want almost no slip at all.

As well as providing exceptional control, our waxes have the added benefit of producing significantly less waste. There is no risk of spills and, if the correct amount of product is applied, there should be very little residue left on the skin after the treatment.

While waxes are designed for all over body use, balms are intended for specific areas of the body. Our balms are formulated to fulfil a specific function, such as cooling or warming of the skin and muscle. In particular treatments, this is a useful way of controlling your medium. As a guide, our balms are typically 10% thicker in consistency than massage waxes.

Our waxes and balms have an excellent shelf life. Beeswax has antibacterial properties, meaning our waxes resist rancidity for longer than oils and lotions. Combine with the natural preservative properties of Vitamin E, an unopened pot of Songbird Naturals wax has a shelf life of two years when stored properly.

Waxes provide a beautiful base for the addition of essential oils. We use a range of essential oils to provide different scents and experiences for the recipient, with our balms containing a larger quantity of essential oils to enhance them. We are keen for our waxes to be enjoyed by both men and women, so have developed a range of blends that can appeal to everyone. If you’re an aromatherapist and want to create a blend that’s totally unique to you, why not try adding some of your own oils to our unscented waxes?

At the heart of Songbird Naturals is our passion to keep things pure and natural. All of our products are 100% natural, without compromise. We don’t use synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, perfumes, GM ingredients or palm oil, and we keep our list of ingredients completely transparent (you can find the list of ingredients for all of our products in ‘plain English’ on our website, alongside the INCI nomenclature). Our products and their ingredients are never tested on animals.

As massage and reflexology waxes increase in popularity, we are proud to be the original developers and manufacturers of massage waxes, along with our sister company Tui in New Zealand. We have spent many years developing a superior product that remains the market leader. If you’re yet to give waxes a go and need more information, or would like some samples to try, give our friendly team a call on 01749 860 387

Happy massaging!

3 years ago