Women’s Blend Gets a Makeover

Songbird Naturals Women's Blend Massage Wax makeover
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Women’s Blend Gets a Makeover

Our popular Women’s Blend range is having a makeover. It’s been a firm-favourite over the years in both massage and reflexology therapy, and for good reason. The scent beautifully balances floral Geranium oil with musky Frankincense and citrusy Bergamot to create one of our most popular aromas. However, we feel it’s now time to move away from such a gender-specific name.

The name Women’s Blend is changing to Balance. The packaging colour is also changing from our signature peachy-pink to a beautiful mint teal. Lovers of this blend can be reassured that that’s all that’s changing. All other aspects of the wax - including its ingredients, scent and essential oil blend – are staying exactly the same. It’s just the name and the packaging colour that’s changing.


Songbird Natural's Women's Blend changes to Balance


Why the change? A few reasons:

1) We believe this scent should be enjoyed by everyone, without feeling as though it’s targeted to a specific gender. We’ve had numerous therapists tell us that their male clients have loved the smell of Women’s Blend, until they discovered the name. So much so that some therapists have chosen not to reveal the name at all. We don’t want our therapists or their clients to feel constrained by a product’s name.

2) Essential oils needn’t be gender-specific. In fact, the musky notes of Frankincense and the citrusy aroma of Bergamot within the blend are one of the reasons Women’s Blend has been popular with all genders.

3) As society becomes increasingly accepting of how people choose to express themselves and their identity, such a gender-specific name feels far less relevant today.


We chose the name Balance because the essential oils used in this blend have traditionally been used in aromatherapy to provide feelings of emotional balance. We also think it’s a very fitting name for a scent that’s enjoyed by all genders.

We hope you all love this new makeover, and that all therapists can feel comfortable sharing this blend with all of their clients.